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Who am I?

• A new-ish Austinite 
• A dog mom
• A passionate plant owner
• A traveler (here and there)
• A sugar feen

What are my strengths? 


Instructional Design - I believe thoughtful design can make any type of training engaging, rewarding, and successful. I also know that providing people with the right knowledge not only makes them feel more comfortable and confident in their role, but it enables them to teach others. I was hired at TalentEi as a Graphic Design intern and from that experience, I was able to take what I learned as someone new in the corporate world and use it to teach those hired on after me. I really enjoy analyzing current processes and improving upon them. 

Graphic Design - I love designing a brand identity from the ground up. I love the process of trying to uncover a design that's only described as a name and a feeling. 

Where else can you find me? 

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