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Meet Olivia

A highly skilled CPA residing in the bustling metropolitan area of Detroit. Olivia owns and manages her own properties in one of Metro Detroit's rapidly developing suburbs. With an astute business sense, her unique talent lies in effectively communicating with city officials to obtain accurate information regarding policies, licenses, and laws, ensuring compliance and smooth operations. Drawing from her experience in conducting thorough market research on her own properties, Olivia possesses a keen eye for identifying opportunities and maximizing the potential of any property. With her expertise and dedication, she strives to help property owners navigate the rental market successfully. 


Meet Katelyn

A talented designer residing in the vibrant city of Austin, TX. With a wealth of experience in designing home interiors, Katelyn's eye for design enables her to infuse unique styles into various projects while accommodating both tight and wide budgets. Together, they bring a dynamic blend of design expertise and investment acumen to create memorable spaces for their guests.

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