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Project: Anxiety Education Campaign

Concept: Create a cognitive behavioral coloring book, on-the-go coping cards, an informational poster, and social media content.

Project Goals: To educate people about how to deal with and better understand anxiety.



Coping Cards

The Formerly Anxious coping cards are meant to be with you on the go! These cards contain, advice, quotes and daily mantras to ease anxiety. 


Coloring Book

The Formerly Anxious coloring book is meant to focus your attention somewhere else instead of your anxious thoughts and feelings. It also provides ways to move past your anxiety and put anxious thoughts into a rational perspective. 



The Formerly Anxious poster shows the difference between a healthy brain and an anxious brain. Throughout my research I discovered brain scans of a healthy brain and an anxious brain, as well as explanations of activity in the brain while anxious.  

Often times people who don't experience anxiety, don't see it as a legitimate obstacle. This poster is meant to highlight the realness of anxiety through showing how brain activity changes when experiencing anxiety. 

Design: The brain activity illustrations gave me a really great texture to work with throughout all brand materials. 


Social Media

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