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Kasasa Rewards Processing

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This information-based elearning helps leadership at community banks and credit unions understand how to access Kasasa account-related data. 

  • Target Audience: Leadership at Community Banks and Credit Unions

  • Tools Used: Articulate Storyline, Premier, Adobe XD

  • Year: 2021


Kasasa's data is a huge benefit to clients, that said, when Kasasa built out a platform for clients to access data it became very important to have a training in place so that when the rollout happened, clients would know about new added features and how to access their data. 

After my my initial analysis, my meeting with the SME's,my assessment of current training, and the initial project scope I was able to establish the needs of my stakeholders and create a project plan that outlined what topics needed to be covered and my method of choosing. 

My proposal was an engaging intro video that lead learners to a clickable page where they could select which section of KRP they wanted to learn more about. The training would end with an animated quiz that created engaging stories. 


I used Adobe Illustrator to create a storyboard detailing the visuals and imagery this project would contain. I also added parts of the script to show how the visual elements would work and animate throughout this module.


Since the KRP application was still in production, I used Adobe XD to create a mock applicaton.


Below is a quick walkthrough of the KRP module. In this demo I show the first tab and then skip the rest of the tabs.

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