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Project: Oakland University Senior Thesis

Concept: A tampon and pad dispenser that works similar to a parking meter. Instead of needing a quarter you can pay through the app.

Project Goals: To give women access to their period needs anywhere they go.

Audience: All menstruating women

The Story


The idea for Laser's Box started when my friend, Laser texted in a group chat about how she started her period early and she’s SOL because there aren’t any tampons at her big-wig advertising job in Chicago. It seemed strange to us that a company that provides pens, paper, pop, coffee and snacks falls short on providing such a necessary item for women. Enter Laser’s Box. 

Our idea started as a subscription box. Companies could refill the box and within that box would be tampons, pads, sticky notes for the mirror, ect. But as I entered my thesis that idea seemed somewhat limiting and not accomplishing my greater mission of creating a community in which providing tampons is commonplace. I believe these dispensers do just that. 

The Box part of Laser’s Box has two meanings, one is that the actual dispenser is a box. Two – I’ll let the illustration speak for itself. 


I knew I wanted Laser's Box to feel approachable and somewhat edgy. When sketching the logo for Laser's Box I kept moving toward a hand drawn look and after many rounds of sketching I decided to lean into that. 

Final_LB logo_DARK-09.png

Color Palette

Throughout my research I noticed a lot of brands are using very feminine colors. Since not all women and girls consider themselves classically "feminine" I decided move toward muted unisex colors.


Since my thesis required a printed book, I knew it would be important to have textures for the pages. These graphics started as just textures to use as pages but very quickly became brand elements. One of the issues I noticed in my research is the stigma around periods. In an effort to make period products seem less taboo, I made them seem approachable.


Laser's Box dispensers aren't like traditional tampon and pad dispensers. These dispensers are much smaller and belong in every stall instead of one per bathroom. The idea is that when you need a tampon or pad they are right there next to you. The payment process of these dispensers are similar to parking meters; to purchase, you can either scan the barcode in the app or enter your zone and dispenser number and pay for your tampon through the app.





The Laser's Box app plays a big role in giving women access to period needs anywhere they go. The Location Feature in the Laser's Box app allows users to see where they can locate nearby dispensers, similar to modern parking meters. In addition to the location feature you can track your period and buy dispensers for your home.


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