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Market Research

Get area research and determine the target market that works best for your property. This service includes:

  • Identifying the type of rental the host should pursue.

  • Determining the target market for the rental.

  • Providing guidance on what is necessary to run the rental, which includes forms, licenses, and city laws.

  • Deliver advice on types of insurance required for specific rental type. 

Decorating Advice
  • Receive comprehensive recommendations for decorating your property. This includes; a mood board, tailored store suggestions, and a DIY/budget-friendly list of decorating options

  • 1 fully designed room of your choice with links to order.

Decorating Services
  • Receive comprehensive recommendations for decorating your property.

  • This includes a mood board and personalized room-by-room decorating tailored to your style and dimensions, with easy ordering links and instructions for styling. 

Guide Book
Receive a tailored and branded guidebook that contains rules and property information for your specific guests and property type. 
Rental Setup
Assistance listing your property and instructions to effectively run and market your rental. This includes:
  • Guiding the host on effective marketing strategies for their property.
  • Providing assistance listing their rental on appropriate platforms.

Network Access
Receive a list of trusted professionals in the area. This includes cleaners, plumbers, landscapers, snow removal, electrician, pest control, handyman, and property management.
Professional photos of your property to use for listing and marketing purposes.
Supply List
Receive a list of specific household supplies and guidance depending on the rental strategy and space.
  • For example,  a short-term rental will need additional supplies and has different expectations from guests than a mid-term rental. 
Receive a selection and comparison of reputable property management companies ​

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