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Tier 1 

4 weeks - $2,000

Tier 1 is designed to assist rental owners who seek guidance on strategies to attract and secure renters. It focuses on streamlining the rental process and providing support to those who may be unfamiliar with setting up rental listings or conducting market research to determine the most profitable rental strategy. 

  • Consulting

    • An hour phone call to determine goals and potential rental options. 

  • Market Research

    • Identify the type of rental you should pursue.

    • Determine the target market for the rental.

    • Provide guidance on what is necessary to run the rental, which includes forms, licenses, and city laws.

    • Deliver advice on types of insurance required for specific rental type. 

  • Rental Setup

    • Guide the host on effective marketing strategies for the property.

    • Provide assistance listing their rental on appropriate platforms.

step 1

Perform an initial consultation call to discuss current property fixed costs, the amount of work you're willing to do, determine goals, and give a brief overview of the type of rental options available. From there, we will conduct thorough area and market research based on what was discussed in the initial call, and provide all necessary forms and licenses for operating the rental. As well as a step-by-step outline of process and upkeep information.

step 2

Develop a strategic plan tailored to your unique location, considering the needs of your area and specific goals. This involves a Zoom call where we outline the plan and ensure we're aligned and in agreement before moving forward.

step 3

Assist you in creating their listing and provide instructions to effectively run and market their rental. The instruction guide will include an outline of licenses, forms, city laws to consider, insurance specifications, and future license upkeep. As well as, rental picture-taking instructions, listing description advice, and a site glossary for posting your listing.  

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